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Parking Info
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Phoenix City Grille is located on the Southwest corner of 16th St & Bethany Home Road in the Bethany East Shopping Center.
There is free self-parking located all around the shopping center including directly in front of Phoenix City Grille.

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In addition, Phoenix City Grille has an additional entrance in the rear of the center. There is an additional parking entrance just south of the restaurant off of 16th Street.

Local Sourcing

We use our best efforts to use products that are grown and produced locally here in Arizona. We use Crow's Dairy, Schreiners Sausage, Ramona Farms, Rhiba Farms, Mount Hope Spices, Mediterra Bakehouse, La Sonorense, Shamrock and Passport Coffee.

Parking Information

Complimentary parking is available to our customers north of the restaurant in the Bethany East Parking lot. We also have additional parking in the back of the restaurant. You can use our rear entrance if you park there. Learn More...

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Phoenix City Grille is located on the Southwest corner of 16th St. & Bethany Home Road in the Phoenix, Arizona. We are located in the central Phoenix iconic 'Bethany East' Shopping Center.

Phoenix City Grille
5816 N 16th St.
Phoenix, AZ, USA 85016
Phone: 602-266-3001
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


wifiWe have Free Wi-Fi available for our guests.